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Note: Journey of Hope tracking will not officially begin until the TransAmerica team kicks off on June 5.

Thanks to OnAsset Intelligence you are now able to follow the three Journey of Hope teams as they make their way across the country. Each team will carry a GPS tracking device that will be updated every half hour as they ride. You will notice the markers on the map below that correspond to the three routes. If you click on the location marker it will also give you the exact location and current weather. Push America is grateful for this technology that OnAsset has provided to keep family, friends and followers of Push America engaged in the trip.

OnAsset Intelligence provides an enterprise-grade monitoring and tracking platform that helps companies create transparent supply chains to drive business value and mitigate risks. SENTRY and Vision are robust and full-featured for all modes of transportation enabling you to reach economies of scale for a wide variety of applications quickly. We support our technologies with full, turnkey services including monitoring, asset recovery, and reverse logistics.